About ATIKgroups

АTIKgroups is a manufacturer and distributor of premium docking stations for Apple products.

The purpose of a docking station is to save you time and make the use of your favorite devices as enjoyable as possible. Our docking stations combine functionality, simplicity, and elegance of performance.

ATIKgroups Team believes that the best product is thought out to the last detail. Therefore, we manufacture docking stations according to unique drawings developedby us. Every piece is specially designed and constructedwith care, so that the wood grain appears seamless.

ATIKgroups Team does not just buildthe product; weprovide ourclients with the best user experience

When you purchase our docking station, we want you to receive a product that allows you to enjoy your Apple devices to their fullest potential. During the development phases, our design team considered all possible scenarios of use to maximize the docking stations’ functionality and durability. Therefore, you can be confident that your docking station has been produced with care and precision throughout all stages of development, design and manufacturing.

Natural materials. We strive to make our product as environmentally friendly as possible. For that reason, docking stations are made of American nut and covered with beeswax.

Configuration simplicity. Our products include pre-installed chargers for iPhone and iPad. When you receive your order, you need only to attach your Apple watch charger to the docking station and you can immediately use it.

Stability and durability. Most docking stations on the market require you to hold the station with your hand when attaching or removing your devices. Here at ATIKgroups, webelieve that your docking station should be secure and durable without your help. Our team uses special micro-suction tape and silicone feet in the designs for all our models. The tape allows the station to be reliably installed on any surface and enables quick attachment and removal of your device from the station with one hand.