ATIK Docking Station: Organizer and charging station made from natural wood

ATIK Docking Station – it is a stylish two-in-one accessory for Apple products.

On the one hand, the docking station is an organizer, which eliminates the curse of eternally tangled cables and protects the device from falling. On the other hand, it is a charging device for almost any Apple product: compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Air pods and Apple TV Remote.

Let’s see, what other specs ATIK offers in our docking station design 

Natural Materials 

If you are not a fan of plastic products, then maybe you would like one of ATIK’s models. All stations are made of natural wood and varnished with beeswax. To celebrate a minimalist aesthetic and keep the wood the focal point of design, ATIK uses clear acrylic on the bottom half of the base. The style is simple and elegant at the same time.

Functional Design

During the development of the docking station’s prototype, ATIKgroups made first-rate user experience their core mission. From this point of view, the models really look thought-out.

It’s easy to remove your device from the base using just one hand due to our micro-suction tape and tilting lightning cable base. This dynamic wood block "floats" back and forth so you do not need to remove your device at a particular angle. You can pull the iPhone a little and it will be in your hands.

 Fixing stickers made of a special nano-material (micro-suction tape) reliably adhere the station on any surface. Thanks to this, your device can be removed on the go- even if you sharply pull your device, the station will not slip or fall.

The device can be put on charge directly in the case. The depth of the lightning cable is adjustable so there is no need to remove your case* before putting the phone or tablet on the docking

Docking stations are immediately ready for use** 

Some developers ship their stations disassembled, leaving you to put it together and attach your own cables. ATIK aims to simplify your life. ATIK assembles each docking station and installs MFI certified cables during production to save our customers time.

Get more familiar with each model by visiting Catalog on ATIKgroups’ shop.

*Note: Our docking station design may not be compatible with military grade and water proof cases’ that have a rubber/plastic charging port protector.

**Exceptions: Chargers for Apple Watch are not included. However, there is no need to disassemble the station when installing your own. The design for the docking station features a special port in which you simply lay the cable inside.